Fresh and Fast by burgerme

burgerme – We bring your burger to your home

In the Dutch food-delivery market, there is a contemporary concept fort he delivery of juicy burgers and fresh salads. Great diversity and individual food orders are the slogans of food-delivery formula burgerme, which have ushered in a new era in the Food-Delivery industry.

Burgerme offers a wide variety of high-quality ingredients that can be individually combined as desired by you. Whether you choose cheese, fiery jalapenos or guacamole – as a customer you decide on the extra toppings you want on your favorite hamburger. You as a customer are also king at the imaginary salad bar and you can choose from almost 30 different ingredients.

True customer satisfaction comes first at burgerme. Premium service from burgerme also includes fast, reliable and warm delivery to the kitchen table. The quality and freshness of the first-class products are also guaranteed. In addition, simple price structures and extensive online ordering options simplify your order at burgerme.

The brand

Burgerme is originally a German company based in Munich, which was founded in 2010 by the entrepreneurs Johannes Bankwitz and Stephan Gschöderer. The founders worked for many years in the managemen t of one of the leading companies in the German food service industry. They put their idea of a modern and service-oriented food delivery service into action with the design of the burgerme brand and the opening of the first branch in Hamburg.

Burgerme Nederland has its own master franchiser with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and operator experience in food delivery at a leading food delivery chain. The burgerme Pilot-Store in Leiden started in August 2013.